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Mobile robots - the future is on the move

Efficient and user-friendly mobile robots (AMR, FTS) are a building block for the automation of customer-specific tasks in intralogistics and production logistics.

HAHN Robotics, in their role as a successful integrator of mobile robots, increases the efficiency of processes in companies. Employees are relieved of transport tasks, which enables higher operational effectiveness and sustainable productivity increases.

The freely navigating automated guided vehicles (AGV) allow quick and easy commissioning without changing the existing infrastructure and work station arrangements. With their flexibility, they replace permanently installed conveyor technology and support the internal material flow for optimized production processes.

Innovative sensor and camera technology ensures the safety of employees. With the help of a network with the customer's IT systems (ERP, WMS, MES) the integration into the already existing operational processes takes place. The intelligent fleet management also allows the use of several different autonomous robots on site.

Mobile robots are:


in commissioning without changing the work station layout.


and replace rigid conveyor belts with robots traveling alone.


and combine mobile conveyor technology with internal logistics, which optimizes production processes. Employees are protected by the innovative sensor technology.


through the combination of the most modern control software in connection with an innovative fleet management.

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