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About HAHN Robotics in Rheinböllen, Germany

In 1992, HAHN Automation GmbH was founded in Rheinböllen, which later expanded into the HAHN Group and HAHN Robotics companies. HAHN Robotics is deeply rooted in this location and has a long history of working with local companies. The synergies from the local partner companies, as well as cooperation with the sister companies of the HAHN Group, ensure an intensive professional exchange. This way, HAHN Robotics is always up to date and is actively involved in the development and design of robot and automation technology for manufacturing companies.

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HAHN Robotics GmbH

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Marco Unverzagt

Marco Unverzagt
Managing Director

Phone: +49 6764 90 22 0
E-Mail: m.unverzagt@SPAMPROTECTIONhahnrobotics.com

Rene Winkelmann

Rene Winkelmann

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Pascal Pitzner







Pascal Pitzner
Sales Engineer

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E-Mail: p.pitzner@SPAMPROTECTIONhahnrobotics.com